The BeginningI Want to See My Papa , Angela Campagnoni

Tonight I feel like I really began my book writing journey… I have been working on a wonderful story my father wrote as a way to give tribute to who he was, however tonight I woke up in the middle of the night with another purpose.

My husband is away and it’s as if I woke up from having a conversation in my dreams with such clarity,

I grabbed the cell phone next to my bed and dictated the words in to my phone…the entire story from start to finish… albeit, it is a children’s story so the word count reflects that… but in that moment I knew.

A feeling came over me, like a combination of goosebumps and that sense that I wasn’t alone in the room. But I knew that this was the exact direction I needed to take to honor my father. I am going to try to help other children dealing with loss…

I shared the story that morning with my dear friend Deborah, and we both agreed I found my path… Let’s see where this path leads me…wish me luck

I Want to See My Papa

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