Well as my journey continues,  it is finally time to introduce my “heart project”.  I am excited to say that my jounry into the publishing world is very close to being released. The Children’s book that I wrote to help little ones deal with loss… is finally soon available.

I would like to introduce you to Little Bear…as he chats with his Mama in my soon to be released Children’s Book “I want to See my Papa”….this story came to life by my journey to come to terms with the loss of my father but was inspired by how such a loss would have effected my 4 year old nephew… My hopes are that at least one child will find comfort in the sweet little story as Little Bear tries to understand why he can no longer see his Papa…


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This is such an amazing idea, not that I have ever looked but I definetly have not heard of a book for children dealing with the loss of a grandparent. I cannot wait for the release date! I need to buy this for my son who just turned two Dec 2016…I lost my dad Aug 27 2016…he lost his yaya (grandfather in Chinese) and every so often he talks about him…it absolutely breaks my heart every time, but I feel greatful amd blessed that my dad did get to meet his only grandchild. It is the moments when they were together that my father did not seem sick (he had three types of dementia) and displayed so much love and affection…it is those moments I will cherish but it is those moments my son still looks for when we go to my moms he still looks for my dad. I am hoping this book will help as he gets older. Please let me know Angela when this is available and where. 🙂


Thank you for sharing Brenda! and I will definitely let you know when the book launches xo

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